Nico Müller
Nico Müller

About the blog

  • showing the beauty of programming and software engineering
  • write ups about astrophotography including software workflows and telescope setups
  • explaining motorhome build ups
  • owning your content by replacing social media with selfhosted infrastructures
  • presenting content like pictures and videos

About me

I’m a software developer located in Germany/Gießen. My professional career is tightly coupled to the Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH where I currently develop embedded linux gateways.

My opinion about programming is that no one should ever be scared of using new technologies or methods in order to reach a goal. With this approach you will always find yourself in interesting and challenging environments and your work will not be to boring.

I might say that I discovered following areas of software engineering fields quite deep:

  • (embedded) linux development
    • kernel configuration
    • distro builders: yocto and buildroot
    • programming languages: c/cpp, lua, rust
    • build systems: make, autoconf, cmake
    • protocols and interfaces: can, modbus, mqtt
    • linux tools: systemd, sysv
    • networking
  • virtualization and infrastructure:
    • automatic software setup via ansible
    • ci/cd via docker and k8
    • minimal os like: unraidOS, coreOS
    • hardware virtualization with qemu
  • automatic testing:
    • test implementation with general purpose test frameworks: pytest, robotframework
    • hardware in the loop tests
  • open source software compliance
  • functional programming
  • reactive programming